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Chengdu IoT Industry Development Alliance (CIIDA)

The Chengdu IoT Industry Development Alliance (CIIDA) was founded on 19 April 2010 with the Chengdu Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology as its governing organisation. CIIDA has 43 pillar enterprises which include 5 universities, 5 research institutions, 3 operators and 30 enterprises to support the city’s growing IoT industry.

Chengdu boosts a good foundation of IoT industry, research, information structure and applications. The Chengdu IoT Industry Development Plan (2010-2012) was created to promote IoT developments, optimise industry structure and change the city’s economic development trajectory. The goal of CIIDA is to create a leading position with global influences based on China’s West Region. 

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Singapore Industrial Automation Association (SIAA)

Incorporated since 1982, SIAA is a professional association for companies and professionals in the Automation, Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Robotics sectors. SIAA plays a crucial role in galvanizing the Automation, IoT and Robotics (AIR) business community, through its extensive line-up of highly-valued programs and events, As SIAA spearheads the automation related initiatives, it also aims to foster industry collaboration and advancement through staging of flagship industry platforms.

SIAA’s member charter is to serve as the voice of members and provide members with opportunities to increase their market presence as well as to internationalize their businesses. Our task is to open doors to business opportunities in Singapore and around the region. Through our various activities, initiatives and alliances, we promote our members to local and foreign network of alliance.

Forming alliances with various organizations locally, regionally and on the international front is also top priority for SIAA to reach out to like-minded groups who through the strategic alliances are able to come together for greater synergy in collaborations to continue to serve our respective communities more meaningfully.

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